Your Permanent Solution To Mold

Inspection & Remediation

Although Mold Solutions of Utah specializes in mold prevention, we also offer FREE mold inspections, as well as clean-up and removal services.

When you choose to utilize Mold Solutions of Utah as your remediation experts you will also enjoy the distinct advantage of our EPA registered mold prevention treatment included as part of our service.  This ensures the problem will not occur again, even in the event of a future water intrusion.  Now the homeowner and the builder can have peace of mind knowing the possibility of mold has been eliminated.

Any type of water intrusion in a new or existing building is a breeding ground for mold.  Mold Solutions' complete package of services will handle even the worst of mold cases. 

Our promise to you is that we will give you the most effective results for all your mold inspection, testing, remediation, and prevention needs.

Please call us today for a FREE mold inspection.